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How to get Big and Strong ‘n Tall
and Handsome!

A realistic guide to the gym lifestyle for men (and women) in their 40’s, 50’s and beyond.


The generation of men that is discovering that pumping iron, eating healthily and getting your heart beating faster means that you can be happier, healthier and younger for longer. 

The days of being old at 40 or 50 are GONE!!!  

I want to share how I have learnt that the bodybuilding lifestyle is the key to so many aspects of happiness and contentedness in my life. How being muscular, lean, and strong makes life so much more enjoyable and satisfying and that it is the gateway to being energetic and positive for so much longer than was previously imagined. 

This blog is also about the reality of balancing your fitness lifestyle with the rest of your daily life. Getting the two into perspective and making choices that allow you,and those around you, to sync the two together without causing disruption to the lives of all the important people who are closely connected to you. 

One of the best and worst parts of the modern world is the internet, social media and the Instagram Life. Perfect body, perfect family, perfect food and holidays. NOT on this blog. We are interested in REAL LIFE, where the kids drive you mad, the expensive holiday was actually shit,  you don’t have a six pack and you knees are killing you!

BUT, life is good and we are happy to be healthy and alive!! 

I want to celebrate every good thing that this amazing life of physical culture offers us all. Of all the ways it has changed and formed me for the better. How the discipline needed to be a competitive bodybuilder can be successfully translated into every other aspect of your life. 

I have met so many amazing and inspiring people through bodybuilding. I have had so many experiences and crazy, funny moments that I otherwise would not have had if it were not for this wonderful world of pumping iron. 



My whole life has had a basis in physical activity. Growing up in South Africa, sports played a big part of school life, so rugby, athletics and swimming all formed part of my daily routine. From the age of 13 however I became interested in lifting weights and then bodybuilding. My 15 yr old brother David decided that if he was ever to attract a girlfriend he needed to shed some lard and get some muscle on his teenage body. And where big brother went I followed. And I LOVED it!!! Within a few weeks my life had changed and I was hooked. 

My initial dislike of the vascular,pumped and oiled bodies in Joe Weider’s Muscle and Fitness soon turned to admiration and ever since the muscular body (male or female) has held a deep fascination for me. 

Bodybuilding in the early 80’s was a niche activity and bodybuilders were still viewed with suspicion and were often subject to ridicule. 

All that muscle will slow you down!

It will turn to fat!

You must be gay to look at other men!

It was an endlessly negative commentary that I knew was bs and just ignored.

Now............EVERYONE has come to the party!!! Gyms are huge business and lifting is a mainstream lifestyle!!! 

But back in my youth there were just a few of us faithful and the fact that we were misunderstood and under siege made us all the more determined to sweat and strain and show how amazing this bodybuilding life was that we had chosen. 

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