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On Your Toes!

As a bodybuilding teenager I was desperate to do anything I could to build muscle and was always on the lookout for new ways to grow. When I saw Boyer Coe's Calf Shoe I was transfixed. I wanted some! Of course the idea of ordering them was out of the question so I had the genius idea of making a pair for myself. In South Africa trainers are called takkies. I fished out an old pair and found two smallish blocks of wood. A hammer and a few nails later and we were in business! I attempted running in them but that was a disaster! I lived at the YMCA in Johannesburg at the time and decided I would walk up the stairs in my amazing shoes to stimulate calf growth instead. I can remember the stupefied looks my fellow YMCAers gave me as I clanked up and down the six stories in my wooden clogs!

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