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Simple Pleasures

This pic was taken in Physique Gym, London in 1991. I am on the right and my friend and colleague Christoff is on the left. Christoff was an inspirational man who had an endearing zest for life, he was a few years older but many years wiser than me, and he taught me an important lesson about life in general but the health and fitness lifestyle in particular. He loved eating healthy, basic, fresh food! I had yet to realise the impact of what food I ate and guzzled down any old junk to get big and bulked. It took 20 years for me to learn the lesson that he instinctively knew. 

I tell all my clients: When you get to the stage where you can genuinely choose the chicken salad over the pepperoni pizza then you have solved the diet puzzle. 

Thank you, Christoff. 

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