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On yer bike......

A recent study conducted by Kings College London on a group of elderly (some in their 80’s) long distance cyclists has some very interesting news.......

Prof Janet Lord, director of the Institute of Inflammation and Ageing says: “The immune system declines about 2-3% every year from our 20’s , which is why older people are more susceptible to infections and other conditions.” Researchers looked for markers in the blood called T-cells, which help the immune system respond to new infections and found that the endurance cyclists were producing the same amount of T-cells as adults in their 20’s. 

A separate paper in Ageing Cell found that the cyclists did not lose muscle mass or strength or gain body fat - which are usually associated with ageing. 

Fantastic news!!! 

Get cycling, lifting, climbing, stretching, smiling, laughing and LOVING life as you get older and better!!!!

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