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Salad Days

When talking to clients about diet I always stress the importance of having a dietary regime that is do-able. What is the point of a diet plan that is not realistic? It may look good written down on paper (or on one of them new fangled computers!) but if it does not translate into your real life it is worthless. 

One of the tricks to eating within parameters consistently is having a dozen or so such meals in your repertoire. 

This meal has 2 variations depending on what you have at your disposal. 

At its most basic it is a ready prepared supermarket salad and a tin of tuna. (In my opinion the only tuna worth buying is Waitrose’s tuna in olive oil. 

If you can you should jazz it up a little with (along with the olive oil in the can of tuna) some Balsamic Vinegar and a little salt and pepper. 

Super simple, super easy, super healthy and super tasty. 

PS. If you don’t have a tin opener and you are out and about do the salad with some ready cooked chicken. 


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