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Weekend Eating

So many of us eat “tight” Monday to Friday (actually Monday to Friday afternoon!) and go to pieces over the weekend. 5 good days then 2 bad days with 2 more days to even out again and you only have 3 out of 7 to progress. Not good enough. So....weekends are crucial. 

Have a strategy. 

Buy some really good food. 

Take your time to prepare. 

Feel content and happy that you are going forward every day. 

This is a meal I have every weekend either on Sat or Sunday. 

Two things.....

1) I am a very low carb guy. (So not afraid of lipids)

2) I am greedy. 

This meal suits both my low carb/greed needs. 

I like a full plate but not too many calories so the scrambled eggs are 250ml of egg whites and one whole egg. This makes a big, fluffy (delicious) amount with minimum calories and max protein. Because men in their 50’s etc have to be aware of bowel cancer I choose the nicest bacon I can get. The avo and cherry toms are faultless and give the meal a fresh feel. A bit of grated cheese and some Maggi seasoning and you have a tasty, super low carb high protein breakfast. 

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