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Eating with Disorder

I was having a conversation with a particularly difficult client about attitude to eating with control and within set parameters. I told her to feel proud of having self control and to feel superior to ordinary people who cannot stop themselves shovelling muck into their mouths. She told me that was one of the first signs of an eating disorder. 

That got me thinking about the word disorder. Obviously “disorder” is the opposite of “order”. Paradoxically a bodybuilder’s idea of eating with order would be seen by many as a disorder. To be successful a bodybuilder must eat with control, stay within parameters, stuck to a plan and have strong sense of order. However, we do have lives away from training and the trick is to find the balance, to know that eating a slice of your daughter’s birthday cake is more important than sticking with the dietary plan. That way eating with order will not become a disorder. 

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