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Berry deMey and Erika Mes

Bodybuilding photos that shaped my life. 

This is a photo that mesmerised me. Berry deMey and Erika Mes, taken at the first ever IFBB European Couples in 1982. 

What a wonderful photo. It makes me smile just to look at them. Both so young and healthy and magnificent! 

I treasured all my copies of Muscle and Fitness but nonetheless I loved this picture so much I just had to tear it out of the magazine and put it up on my wall. 

Berry had great shape, height and symmetry but , when it came to the Mr Olympia he lacked that last bit of size. Although I always admired him it is only now in retrospect that I really appreciate just how awesome he was. I am also very pleased to see that at the age of 56 he is still training hard and is looking super fit, happy and healthy. 

Total respect to the Flexing Dutchman !!

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