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Modern life is full of contradictions. For example, one my wife’s best qualities is that she is not interested in money. It means that she is generous and giving. On the other hand though, it means that she cannot be bothered to spend 30 minutes on the phone getting a better deal on travel insurance etc. Annoying!

I love my smart phone! It enriches my life in so many ways. My favourite aspect of this little miracle is the camera. Hardly a day goes by whithout me seeing something amusing or interesting, taking a quick snap and WhatsApping my Happy Molteno’s Group or somesuch. 

Of course everyone these days is snapping away and nowhere more so (it seems) than in the gym. 

And it drives me mad. 

Pouting and preening for selfie after selfie. 

As I’m aware of trying not to become a grumpy old man I have been thinking about how I would have behaved if smart phones were about in my youth. And I’m afraid I have to honest and admit I would most probably be doing the same. 

I have been going through my old bodybuilding albums and realise I literally have hundreds if not thousands of bodybuilding photos of myself. Of course all these pics were taken on a (pre digital) camera so I had to take the pics, then go to the photo developing place and wait a day or two to see the results. And still I took thousands of photos! Imagine if I had the ease of taking a bodybuilding photo on a phone. 

So, whilst all the selfie taking does annoy me I have to confess that I would be the main culprit if I had the ability to do so as a teenager. 

Mea culpa!

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