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So Serene Serena

Whilst I’m not much of a tennis fan and not much of a Serena fan I loved this quote of hers. 

Obviously as a PT I have plenty of clients who are unhappy with the way they look and want to make a positive change to their appearance. Fine. I’m all for that, especially as a positive change on the outside normally heralds a positive change on the inside. 

However, whilst making that change to your physique it is important to be happy with how you look now!

Too many men and (mostly) women are ashamed of their bodies and hide them away. Now I’m not saying you should charge about half naked but it is important to feel relaxed and accepting of the body you have. 

So, work hard to achieve the body you want but free yourself from the burden of disliking your appearance. 

You will feel so much happier. 

Ask the world’s greatest ever female tennis player. 

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