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Appetite vs Hunger

My father in law, Alex Waxler, used to say “ It’s easy, once you know how.” And how right he was, some things in life are blindingly obvious, but only once they have been pointed out to you!! I spend a lot of time discussing dietary strategies with my clients, and what I have discovered is that understanding why we want to eat foods that are not good for us is the key to then not actually eating them! So, you’ve just had a lovely, healthy, nutritious and tasty meal. You’ve eaten enough and feel satiated. Then all of a sudden you get the craving for something sweet. Disaster looms! Now is the time to recognise and implement the difference between........Hunger and Appetite. Be clear with yourself, you are NOT actually hungry! You have had all you need nutritionally. What you are experiencing is appetite. And appetite is optional! Now that you have this obvious difference between legitimate hunger and that dastardly imposter, appetite, clearly established in your mind the ability to resist the sweet temptation is so much easier to achieve. This post is dedicated to the one and only Alex Waxler. May he rest in peace.

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