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Boys will be boys....

My family and I have just spent a few days in Berlin and Amsterdam. As it is a short flight and we were there for a just a week  we decided that we would just take hand luggage. 

Of course with a wife and two teenage daughters I was not allowed a full case to myself as their needs were much greater than mine. BUT, I was determined not to put on an ounce of fat on holiday so needed to take some of my staple foods along with me. I knew from past experience that that was verboten so had to smuggle some protein powder and peanut butter into the luggage. 

It reminded me of the time when I was 15 and the family were driving from Johannesburg to the South Coast for an Easter holiday. We were staying in a cottage near the sea but miles from civilisation (ie a gym!) so I had to make a plan. 

Once more space was at a premium as we were traveling by car and packing for five. I was not to be thwarted however and managed to smuggle a bar and about 70kgs of plates into the boot!!! Needless to say Dad was furious when he found this out when we arrived but the telling off was worth the awesome outdoor (a la Arnold back in Austria!) workouts I got done!  

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