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In today’s world we are faced with a bewildering array of choices in our lives. Or, more accurately, choices on how to live our lives. Who we were, who we are now, and who we may become, largely depend on how we make our life decisions. While I am not about (or even able) to offer moral advice to anyone, for those of you who are looking for a bit of structure in your lives I humbly offer my: THREE PILLARS FOR A HAPPY LIFE FITNESS - health and longevity The older I get, the more do health and longevity grow in my consciousness. As a teen and in my 20’s all I cared about was success in bodybuilding. Health was not my motivator. In the same way that jogging around the block is healthy but running an ultra marathon is not, competitive bodybuilding is not a healthy endeavour. I took steroids between the ages of 20 to 30, ate copious amounts of protein rich food (every 3 hours, 24 hours a day!) and lifted weights that bordered on the dangerous, all to be a successful bodybuilder. I was aware that I was damaging my health to a degree, but did not really care. One has to make sacrifices to achieve one’s goals. This all changed when my wife wanted to start a family but my reproductive system was shot. Suzy, to her credit, never told me to stop taking anabolics, but it became increasingly obvious to me that after a few very difficult (emotionally and physically) rounds of IVF that I had to make a choice. I decided to stop taking “gear” and start the next phase of my, and our, lives. FAMILY - friendship and community Twenty years later Suzy and our two teenage girls are the source of all the love and tenderness that I need. Of course I have other family, special friends and many clients and colleagues who are important people in my life, but nothing can replace or replicate the deep and lasting love of one’s immediate family. Naturally we have our family rows and arguments but knowing we are all totally committed to one another imparts a deep sense of peace and calm. And meaning. When I left competitive bodybuilding and opted to start a family the focus and energy that I had spent on training needed a new outlet. Apart from loving my family, I felt the need to provide for them financially too. FINANCE - protection, opportunity and freedom All through my 20’s, bodybuilding consumed my entire existence. All I needed financially was just enough money to buy food and pay the rent. The phrase Eat, Sleep, Train, Repeat literally was my life. I had zero desire for fancy watches, cars and holidays — bodybuilding was all. Just as many pregnant women feel the desire to “nest”, I was gripped with the need to earn money and look after my family. I suppose this attitude is now out of place in the modern world, but I felt it was a man’s duty to provide and protect. So I did two jobs, worked long hours, and saved our money. We moved house about ten times! Buying, fixing up and selling (I hoped) at a profit. Making a more secure future for the family. I should mention that there is a fourth “F” in my life —- FAITH: but as this is a bodybuilding (and lifestyle) blog, I have not included this “F”, although it is nonetheless an important part of who I am. So here I am at the age of fifty. With my three pillars, my three “F”s. The importance of each slowly shifting, depending on what is going well in my life and what is troubling me. As our children prepare to leave home and start their own Families, and as Suzy and I see our Financial position solidify, I can see my original “F” coming to the fore once again. Fitness, and all that that entails —- eating good food...maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system...keeping strong bones and a muscular physique...staying young in old age...

I am looking forward to my future, in which I can dedicate the whole of me to the pursuit of health and well-being. What an exciting and positive prospect. I CANT WAIT!! 

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