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Stick it in your family....album!

1970 NABBA Mr. Universe: Arnold beats Reg Park!

What a fantastic photo! Three amazing heavyweights. Dave Draper, Reg Park and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In every sport, in every contest, people pay their money and wait to see the MAIN EVENT. Once the lightweights, the distance runners, the track and field have done their thing, once we have eaten the appetiser we sit down and wait,with relish, for the BIG BOYS to come to battle. And at the 1970 NABBA Universe they did not come any bigger. Reg, the old guard (and Arnold’s hero),over 40 yrs old, Dave (The Blond Bomber)Draper representing the Californian beach ideal that bodybuilding touted in the 60’s and 70’s and (as Reg described him at the ‘75 Olympia in South Africa) the One and Only Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Arnold vanquished Reg and from then on was undefeated. Reg competed again in 71 and 73 but never won again, and Draper retired. 

This photo shows the changing of the guard, bodybuilding was growing and we were entering into the golden age of bodybuilding. 

Exciting times. 

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